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Equality and Diversity

South Devon College is ambitious for its students, staff and local communities. Inspiring our community through learning for all is our mission and remains our overriding strategic goal. 

South Devon College believes in the principle of freedom from discrimination for everyone, regardless of their age, gender, disability, ethnic or national origins, marital status, sexual orientation, social background or religious beliefs, or of being part of any other group which may have experienced discrimination.

South Devon College aims to provide a real equality of opportunity for all of our existing learners and staff and supports the same for wider community. We aim to continue to attract increasing numbers of learners into non-traditional vocational areas and from groups within the wider community who are under-represented in learning. The College will continue to foster a learning community for all its staff and students in which equality is promoted and diversity is valued.

The College will champion equality and diversity in all of our activities.  Our commitment to equality and diversity will ensure that success is achieved across the widest possible spectrum of the community.  In our last Inspection, Ofsted judged equality and diversity at the College as outstanding and we intend to maintain and continually improve this.

Our Single Equality Scheme lays out the way ahead for the next three years for the protected characteristics of age, disability, gender re-assignment, marriage and civil partnerships, race, religion & belief, sex and sexual orientation. It explains what, why and how we intend to continue to promote equality and tackle discrimination for all our students, staff and communities.

We believe this scheme will ensure success and excellence for our students, staff, visitors and support this in the communities we serve.