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Accessibility Statement

Students with a Disability or Learning Difficulties

To help students with disabilities or learning difficulties succeed on their chosen courses at South Devon College, will make sure you:

  • Receive guidance and support from experienced staff in your programme of study
  • Receive, where appropriate, individual support in and/or outside class
  • Are encouraged to develop your self-esteem, independence and assertiveness skills

It is our aim to encourage the participation of students:

  • With physical disabilities
  • With sensory impairments, such as visual or hearing difficulties
  • With learning difficulties and disabilities
  • With mental health problems
  • With any other disabilities as defined by the Equality Act 2010

We are committed to offering educational opportunities to a wide range of students and to offering the advice and support necessary for people with disabilities or learning difficulties to join the courses they wish to study and to succeed on them.

Students who have a disability are welcome to call us to discuss their individual needs.

Rights to Access

South Devon College is committed to ensuring that people with a disability, including those with learning difficulties, are treated fairly. If you have a disability, please let us know what you need so that we can make all reasonable adjustments to enable you to access your learning.

We will provide, wherever possible, as wide a range of opportunities and support for students who have disabilities and/or learning difficulties and have a commitment to encourage you to join chosen courses wherever appropriate. We have the facilities and are happy to produce learning materials in a variety of formats where necessary. We can, if appropriate, provide a range of equipment to help students access learning, and additional support is available within the classroom or workshop environment if required.

For further details, or information on how the college can help please contact our Helpzone team.

If you have any queries regarding cross college facilities/support for students with disabilities/learning difficulties please phone 01803 540373.