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Childcare Support

Care to Learn

If you are under 20 at the start of your course and want to start, or return to learning, Care To Learn may be able to pay for your childcare and travel costs. Care To Learn will be able to pay for childcare costs while you learn, a deposit or registration (up to £250) if one is charged, childcare fees you must pay during holidays in order to retain your child’s place, and necessary travel expenses to and from your child carer. There are no set or minimum number of hours. You can choose to complete a part-time or full-time course.

Claiming Care To Learn will not affect your own or your families' benefits or allowances. You do not have to be on benefits in order to have your childcare paid for.

How To Claim

You can claim Care To Learn funding if you are under 20 and:

  • Start a course of learning or training in a school, college or as a trainee with a work based learning provider that receives some public funding;
  • Are caring for your own child(ren) - fathers are also eligible if they are the main carer and are living in England;


  • Use a registered childcare provider/childminder.

Applications can be made now for courses that start at any time. For more information please visit Care to Learn.

Learner Support Fund (childcare specific)

Learners requiring childcare support but who do not meet the criteria age for Care to Learn may qualify for support from the Learner Support Fund. Your application to the fund will be means tested and proof of household income will be required.

The upper household income level for support is currently set at £21,000 gross. There is usually a very high demand for support from this fund for childcare and as funds are limited it is therefore advisable to apply early each academic year.

Apply now

To apply, please ring 0845 6002809.

For more information about our onsite childcare facilities, please visit Mama Bear's Nursery.