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Higher and Degree Apprenticeships


Just like normal apprenticeships, higher apprenticeships combine on the job training while studying towards a high level qualification. Higher apprenticeships are available at a range of levels, from the equivalent of a foundation degree to a bachelor's degree.

At South Devon College, we currently offer the following Higher and Degree Apprenticeships:

As an apprentice, you'll benefit from:

  • The potential to achieve graduate and postgraduate-level qualifications whilst learning and earning in a real business
  • The chance to gain a professional accreditation and membership
  • New opportunities for career progression
  • A clear pathway to achieving your ambitions in the workplace, plus higher earning capacity, recognition and status
  • A unique, new way of developing professional-level, job specific skills while remaining in employment and earning a salary
  • No debt via student loans as the Government has announced additional budget to fund the higher education qualifications that make up a higher apprenticeship
(Source University Education: Is this the best route into employment? AAT and Cebr, Feb 2013)

How would a Higher Apprenticeship benefit my business?

  • With higher apprentices learning at work, they're able to develop the knowledge and occupational competencies demanded by specific job roles, and meet the unique needs of your business
  • Higher apprentices can keep your business up-to-date with the latest techniques and technology, increasing your productivity for the future
  • You can develop existing staff as they work with your higher apprentice, through mentoring opportunities and more
  • Higher apprenticeships can attract higher calibre staff and help you develop a more motivated and committed workforce

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