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Human Resources

Businesses today are operating in very competitive markets and are therefore placing a much higher value on the importance of their people. In recognition of this the CIPD courses place emphasis on understanding the business environment and the organisation itself in order to maximise the impact of HR in work force planning, recruitment and selection, employee relations and training.

You don't have to work in Human Resources to study a Chartered Institute of Personnel & Development (CIPD) HR course. You might already be employed in an HR department, but you might also work in another area of an organisation with some responsibility for people, and be a line manager or team leader, an administrator or personal assistant, or an operations manager or small business owner. It might also be that you are taking a career break, or wanting to move into HR as a career.

Courses are delivered by tutors who have professional backgrounds, or are currently working, in HR and people management. There are opportunities for students to network and share experiences in order to enhance their learning and skills are maximised throughout the course. All assessment is through assignments which is applied to an organisational context, with visiting speakers and a trip to an employment tribunal included in the curriculum.

There is a choice of September or mid-year start dates, delivered at either Paignton or Heathfield in Newton Abbot.

Why South Devon College?

Business Advantage has served businesses and sole traders throughout the South West since 2005, providing high-quality training across a variety of areas, including accountancy, management and leadership, first aid, health and safety, human resources and more.

We pride ourselves in offering bespoke solutions that suit your needs and make a real and lasting difference to your organisation, regardless of the size of your business. Whether you need a short half-day course or a substantial programme of management training, we will have the courses to help you develop your company.

Human Resource Practice - CIPD Level 3

The course is suitable for you if you are aspiring to a career in Human Resources or Learning and Development, or if you wish to improve you knowledge of HR as a manager / team leader. This course introduces you to a wide range of human resources related theory and practice in order to increase your knowledge and develop your skills.

Code Location Dates Day Time Weeks Fee
CT3HR31PBNProfessional Centre,
27/APR/17 -
Thu 8 30 -
12 30
35£1,315.00 Apply
Mon 17 00 -
20 00
47£1,315.00 Apply

To find out when the next Human Resource Practice course is scheduled, please contact our Team on 01803 540600.

Human Resource Practice - CIPD Level 5

This course will give you a broad perspective of the organisational issues facing HR professionals and will enable you to develop effective analytical and problem solving strategies. It will be suitable for you if want to improve your HR management knowledge and skills as either an HR Professional or line manager. The topics covered will include: developing HR professional practice, HR information, managing and coordinating the HR function, business and the context of HR, employment law and employee engagement.

Code Location Dates Day Time Weeks Fee
Tue 9 00 -
13 30
35£1,500.00 Apply

To find out when the next Human Resource Practice course is scheduled, please contact our Team on 01803 540600.


If you are aged 24 or over, you could be eligible for a 24+ Advanced Learning Loan on some courses. This works in a similar way to a Higher Education loan for university, and you can borrow a minimum of £300 to a maximum that is equal to the cost of your course. This is not means tested, and does not have to be repaid until you are earning in excess of £21,000, and not before April 2017. Repayments are charged at 9% of any income above £21,000.

If course fees total £100 or more, you could pay for your course in instalments by Direct Debit. This allows you to take control of your payment schedule, with monthly repayments starting at just £25.

If an employer is paying the fee of the course, a formal letter on headed paper is required, detailing that the full costs will be covered. Employers fees are payable in full, and instalments are not available. To find out more about the funding you could receive, contact our team today.

Bespoke packages

To ensure that we can meet the needs of businesses in the South West, we aim to provide bespoke training packages wherever possible. If necessary, we can deliver training on company premises, minimising the impact that your employees' studies will have on your business.

We can also deliver bespoke English and maths courses to develop your staff members' literacy and numeracy, ensuring they are effective communicators who can solve problems efficiently. These are free to eligible adults who don't already have Level 1, Level 2 or Functional Skills qualifications, and can be sector-specific packages to meet your needs. Contact our team today to find out more.

Are you an adult looking for an Apprenticeship?

Apprenticeships are a great way of gaining important skills and qualifications with work-based training. You'll also receive a wage whilst you study, which makes apprenticeship training a fantastic option for adults preparing for employment.

You can start an apprenticeship even if you are already employed, or the College can help you secure an employer in a relevant field. They develop real work experience, and you gain both technical and academic skills with 4 days per week spent in the workplace and the remaining day in College.

Are you a business looking to employ an apprentice?

Apprenticeships are an excellent way of attracting enthusiastic employees with the skills to have a lasting impact on your company. Businesses that employ apprentices see an increase in loyalty and retention, which means apprenticeship training can form the cornerstone of your recruitment policy.

Apprentices don't have to be new employees either; existing employees can begin apprenticeship training, or the College can support you in taking on a new apprentice. Contact our team today to find out how employing an apprentice could change your business.

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