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Do you want a career in a dynamic, exciting and physical industry? Do you want to work outdoors and work with your hands? Do you want to create something that will stand the test of time, as you watch your buildings come to life before you, brick by brick? If that sounds like you, a Brickwork course at South Devon College could be just the answer. You will develop the skills and expertise to help you succeed in a lifelong career in the construction industry.

Our enthusiastic teaching staff, all of whom have years of relevant site experience, will help you develop the knowledge you need to succeed in a career in brickwork, working from introductory techniques through to advanced skills. You can begin by studying the basics of using a trowel and building basic sections of wall, before advancing to building cavity walls and decorative features such as axed arches and twisting piers, which require high levels of precision and skill. You will learn in our Construction Skills Centre, a large covered workshop with all of the equipment and facilities required to develop your skills, at a pace that suits your ability and learning style.

A career in bricklaying won't just enable you to make money in an enduring trade that will always exist and flourish, but provide immense job satisfaction in seeing your work used for generations to come. So, lay the foundation for a rewarding, profitable career today by studying Brickwork with South Devon College.

Why South Devon College?

South Devon College is an outstanding place to learn, and the perfect place for your education and development. In 2014, we were delighted to be recognised as the top Further Education and Tertiary College in England, in results published by the Skills Funding Agency for 2012-13. We were also graded as 'Outstanding' in our most recent Ofsted inspection.

We are proud to promote a culture of success within the College, with fantastic results across the entirety of our provision. With an exceptional learning environment and our inspirational teaching team, we know that together, you will enjoy the same success in your studies and achieve your goals, whatever they may be.

Personalised Learning Programmes

Every student at South Devon College has a Personalised Learning Programme; a custom plan tailored to you as an individual that ensures you gain the academic, vocational and employability skills necessary to achieve your goals and find employment upon the completion of your studies.

Luke Jordan-Squires: Brickwork student

After successfully completing the Carpentry Level 1 Diploma, I'm now employed on a Level 2 Brickwork Apprenticeship with Tucker Buildings. The skills I developed at South Devon College have been essential to finding employment and succeeding in the workplace; English and maths are used daily, as I communicate with colleagues and calculate storey heights and ratios for mixing sand and cement.

Nick Cleasby: Brickwork lecturer

Nick is the programme co-ordinator for the Brickwork department at South Devon College. He is a former bricklaying student from the college and has industrial experience from his time with Midas Construction in the nineties. As a student Nick represented the college nationally in the annual skill-build competition after winning the senior regional heat. He has taught bricklaying fulltime now for 12 years and prior to this taught part time from the age of 19.

We have 3 fulltime courses in Brickwork:

Bricklaying - Level 1 Diploma

This bricklaying course is the perfect opportunity to gain the essential skills required to join the construction industry, and can act as a great introduction to a new and exciting career path. This course is delivered at our specialist workshop facilities, where you will construct basic brickwork structures, including blockwork and cavity walls. You will also learn how to mix mortar and concrete, as well as the theory behind the construction industry. During your studies you will develop as a site-based bricklayer, as you learn from our team of dedicated teaching staff, whose years of experience will support your learning.

What will I learn?

  • Health, safety and welfare in construction
  • Knowledge of technical information, quantities and communication with others
  • Knowledge of construction technology
  • Constructing block walling
  • Constructing brick walling
  • Constructing cavity walling
  • Setting out masonry structures
  • Mixing construction materials
Bricklaying Level 1 Diploma

Entry Requirements

  • You should have a genuine interest in this subject

Locations available

  • Paignton Campus
  • Newton Abbot Campus

Brickwork - Level 2 Diploma

The Brickwork Level 2 Diploma is designed to develop and expand upon existing knowledge of the trade, and can act as a natural progression route from the Level 1 Diploma. During this course you will learn more advanced techniques, including masonry structures such as large cavity walls and timber frame cladding. In addition to this, you will learn about solid walling and develop your skills in building Flemish and English bonds. Upon completion you will be able to consider employment in the construction industry, or progress to the Level 3 Diploma to refine your skills further.

What will I learn?

  • Health, safety and welfare in construction
  • Understanding information, quantities and communication with others
  • Understanding construction technology
  • Setting out masonry structures
  • Constructing solid walling incorporating isolated and attached piers
  • Constructing cavity walling to form masonry structures
  • Constructing masonry cladding
Brickwork Level 2 Diploma

Entry Requirements

  • You will be required to be working towards achieving Maths at Level 1
  • You will be required to be working towards achieving English at Level 1
  • You must have completed an appropriate vocational qualification at Level 1
  • You should have a genuine interest in this subject

Locations available

  • Paignton Campus
  • Newton Abbot Campus

Brickwork - Level 3 Diploma

The Brickwork Level 3 Diploma is the perfect choice if you want to develop an advanced skillset that will help you not only succeed, but excel in the construction trade. Learning in our exceptional workshop facilities, you will become adept in building complex masonry structures, including axed arches, decorative panels, chimneys and fireplaces. You will also learn about the wider construction industry, and how brickwork interacts with other trades and professions. This will provide you with essential knowledge for future employment in the sector, which you will be well prepared for upon the completion of your studies at South Devon College.

What will I learn?

  • Health, safety and welfare in construction and associated industries
  • Analysing technical information, quantities and communication with others
  • Analysing the construction industry and the built environment
  • Repairing and maintaining masonry structures
  • Constructing chimneys and fireplaces
  • Constructing complex masonry structures
  • Constructing decorative features.
Brickwork Level 3 Diploma

Entry Requirements

  • You will be required to have achieved Maths at Level 1
  • You will be required to have achieved English at Level 1
  • You must have completed an appropriate vocational qualification at Level 2
  • You should have a genuine interest in this subject

Locations available

  • Paignton Campus

Apprenticeships with South Devon College

Could an Apprenticeship be the right path for you?

South Devon College is a leading provider of apprenticeships, offering nearly 40 different types of apprenticeships and we work with over 1000 apprentices and 500 employers a year. Our apprenticeship are the perfect option for you if you want to study towards a qualification and increase your employability whilst getting paid.

By working in your chosen trade or sector, you'll be developing vocational experience that employers look for and putting the skills you learn at the College into practice, giving you the ideal preparation for starting a career.

We offer a wide variety of apprenticeship frameworks, working at a range of levels across different industries and job roles, so we are confident that we can find the right course to help you achieve your goals. To find out more about South Devon College's apprenticeship programmes, click here:

My future with South Devon College

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Our courses at South Devon College have been designed to provide you with the skills and knowledge employers seek, enabling you to find employment and take the first steps towards a successful career. Our Brickwork courses will help you gain employment in the following industries:

Work with my hands

If you want to work with your hands, outside of an office and getting involved in the thick of the action, then we have the course for you. Whether you want to build, create or change, our courses will lead to a rewarding career as: