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Core Curriculum

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Be what you want to be with South Devon High School

Studying at South Devon High School

The curriculum that pupils follow is broad and balanced. In addition to GCSE courses in English, maths and science, all pupils choose to take two academic and two vocational subjects, with the further option of religious studies.

Our curriculum is designed to help pupils succeed and prepare for their next steps into Further and Higher Education or employment. It has been created with employment in mind by offering specific technical qualifications, which help inspire learning and give pupils the very best chance to succeed.  In line with statutory requirements, pupils will study a broad Key Stage 4 curriculum, which includes English, Maths and Science GCSEs, in addition to other GCSE options. Lessons will be exciting, and hands-on.

Academic Qualifications

All pupils will follow an academic timetable based around their technical qualifications. Pupils will study core GCSEs that are a mandatory part of the mainstream National Curriculum, gaining English, Maths and Double Science. Core Physical Education and Personal, Social and Health Education will also be part of the curriculum, but not examined.

Technical Qualifications

Pupils choose to study up to three technical qualifications. In each technical specialism pupils will gain a depth of knowledge, skill and expertise, whilst gaining a GCSE (vocational equivalent) for each qualification. The specialised qualifications will include more practical learning, projects, visits and work placements to gain a better understanding of the chosen subject.

The vocational qualifications available to study with South Devon High School include:

  • Childcare and Development
  • Design in Construction
  • Digital Media and Creative Arts
  • Electronics in Hi-Tech Engineering
  • Health and Social Care
  • Hospitality
  • Sports Science

GCSE Options

Pupils choose from a wide choice of GCSE options. This could include:

  • Psychology
  • Photography
  • Geography
  • History
  • Computer Science
  • Spanish 
  • Business Studies

These choices help pupils develop their Personalised Learning Programme in an area of interest, designed to meet their future aspirations. 

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Be what you want to be with South Devon High School