"The attendance of all pupils has improved greatly to well above their average levels before they joined the high school." Ofsted 2015

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What is South Devon High School?

South Devon High School is the new full time choice for pupils entering Year 10. Pupils at the school will still study for GCSEs in core subjects including English, Maths and Science. However, they will also embark on a number of technical qualifications and will be taught by people with industry experience and training in their specialist technical area. Class sizes will be small and students will have the opportunity to benefit from close partnerships with key local employers.

How is it different from my current School?

You will study in a more adult learning environment as South Devon High School is based at South Devon College (Paignton campus). A key feature of all programmes is that they are designed to give you the best opportunities for future employment – particularly through our excellent links with local business and industry. Around 20% of the curriculum pupils study will be in a specialist technical area – there are a number of choices: Eco Technology, Digital Media, Creative Arts, and Leadership and Coaching in Sport and Adventure. South Devon College is an Ofsted rated “Outstanding” College and recently rated the number one Further Education College in England, based on student success rates. On successful completion of the programme, pupils are guaranteed a place to continue their studies at South Devon College either in a technical subject of their choice, a levels, or an apprenticeship.

How long is the school day?

The school day takes place from 9.00am - 3.30pm, with an optional extended day for supported study sessions and a comprehensive enrichment programme, including sports, After School Clubs and Duke of Edinburgh programmes. The curriculum will be delivered five days per week over the course of two academic years.

What experience does South Devon High School have with educating pupils from age 14?

South Devon College already has significant expertise in educating pupils from age 14, having been involved in 14-16 education for more than 11 years. Currently over 400 pupils aged 14-16 choose to complete part of their studies at South Devon College, and we have a 99% achievement rate across all subjects taught.  South Devon College is also a sponsor of the successful Devon Studio School.

Will pupils at South Devon High School still follow the National Curriculum?

Pupils will still follow the National Curriculum, as they will study key GCSEs in the same way they would at school. Every student at South Devon High School will follow a programme tailored to them, to ensure they get the most from their studies.

Are all staff suitably qualified?

Teaching staff in all subjects, including vocational qualifications, are fully qualified. They all hold either Qualified Teacher Status (QTS) or Qualified Teacher Learning Skills (QTLS). These are accreditations that enable people to teach in state-maintained and special schools, as recognised by the Department for Education (D of E). These accreditations demonstrate that teachers meet the professional standards for the teaching profession, are suitably qualified and are trained in the formal set of skills and qualities required to be an effective teacher. 

We have chosen the best quality teachers for the High School. All teaching staff have been formally graded as either 'Good' or 'Outstanding' in their most recent observation. Teachers have previously achieved results which places South Devon College as the highest achieving college in the country (based on 2012/2013 success rates) and for the past three years in the top five. 

Why can 14-year-olds now choose to leave their current School?

The Government now allow colleges to offer courses to pupils aged 14-16 who wish to access practical and technical education.

The Government believe that for many young people, combining academic and technical qualifications can give them the best chance to succeed.

Do pupils have to pay to attend South Devon College?

No. South Devon High School will be free to attend in the same way state schools are - there are no fees.

Can students still receive free school meals?

Yes. Eligible students will still receive free school meals, just as they would at their current school.

Is there transport available?

South Devon High School is serviced by a number of Stagecoach Devon Services. Please visit the Travel Page or pick up a timetable from Stagecoach ticket offices or South Devon College. Special discounted Dayrider or GOLD/Explorer passes are available online or from the Transport Officer at South Devon College. 

Is there financial support available for the cost of my child's transport?

South Devon High School has worked in partnership with Stagecoach to offer South Devon High School students' bus passes at a discounted rate.

You may wish to consult your Local Authority to see if you are eligible for further support.

How do students apply?

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