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Absence and Attendance

At South Devon High School, we believe that excellent attendance is fundamental to raising achievement. Any absence affects the pattern of a child's schooling and regular absence will seriously affect their learning and attainment. Pupils should attend all lessons, and arrive on time. Every pupil should aim for an attendance of 100%, and we have an expectation that every pupil will achieve an attendance of at least 95%. Helping to create a pattern of regular attendance is everybody's responsibility - parents, pupils and all members of the school staff. South Devon High School is committed to working closely with parents and external agencies in order to achieve excellent attendance for all of our pupils. 

There are certain basic expectations that it is important for pupils, staff and parents/guardians/carers to be aware of and follow:

  • Pupils are expected to attend school regularly and on time
  • Parents/guardians//carers are asked to contact the High School office to explain any absence prior to the start of the school day, on each morning of absence
  • It is our policy to telephone home if absence is unexplained
  • Further action may be taken against the pupil and their parent/guardian/carer if a child takes a significant amount or extended period of unauthorised absence

Reporting Absence - South Devon High School

Any absence, sickness or otherwise, must be reported by your parent/guardian by 9.00am on the day you are absent. Written evidence may be requested.

Absence line: 01803 540332

Reporting Absence - South Devon College

If you are reporting absence for South Devon College, please use the following details:

08000 38 33 00
01803 540 341 (from a mobile)

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