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Hear What our Students Have to Say

An induction survey was completed at the beginning of the Autumn Term, to find out students views on their experiences at South Devon College during their first few weeks. The results, shown below, were very positive:

Q. Would you recommend the College to a friend or relative?

A. 94% of learners said yes.

  • The College has great facilities, a welcoming atmosphere and excellent opportunities for work experience.
  • The College has superb staff who are always willing to help.
  • Tutors are brilliant, really supportive and really care about the subjects they are teaching and help you succeed.
  • It is nice to be treated as an adult. 

Q. Do you feel you have been treated fairly?

A. 94% of learners agreed or strongly agreed

Comments received:

  • I like how the tutors treat everyone fairly and have time to speak to you and go that little bit further.
  • Students are treated fairly and the staff take the time to listen.
  • We have the freedom to work independently and are treated like adults.

Q. Have you found South Devon College to be a safe and welcoming environment to learn in?

A. 93% of learners agreed or strongly agreed

  • The College feels extremely safe from the moment you walk through the door.
  • Best College ever, I always like it here  I always feel safe, calm and relaxed.
  • The staff make you feel welcome and they speak to you like an adult.